Monday, April 16, 2012

'Demon of Seasons' excerpt

The following excerpt is from the story 'Demon of Seasons'. This is yet another tale that has the accursed E'ferries as the main character.

'...Wrathful, the Pagan gods would place a curse upon the Autumn season so that every year around that time the veil separating the worlds of Earth and the infernal would be lifted. And on one particular night if the year every sort of foul spirit would be allowed to walk among the mortals and do as they wished. That night would be 'All Hallows Eve'.
From the deepest darkest depths of Hades would come forth the most loathsome of all accursed spirits, E'ferries. Harboring within himself unimaginable rage and torment, he would take pleasure in the coming season knowing all too well the pain and anguish he would bring...'

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