Sunday, February 19, 2012

Excerpt from 'The Devil's Magic'

The following excerpt is from a macabre tale properly titled 'The Devil's Magic'.
'....Using her charm and guile, in the dead of night, she called to Eve. She had sensed in Eve, from the moment of her creation, a fierce independence and resentment of all rules imposed on her, even if they were few. And knew that she would be a far easier target to tempt than Adam. Arising from her slumber, Eve could not help but follow the beautiful and majestic voice. Away from the view of Adam, Eve found the source of the voice, sitting atop the one forbidden tree in all of Eden. Approaching, yet keeping a safe distance from the tree, Eve was mesmerized. Aside from herself, Eve had never experienced a feminine beauty such as the beauty of her divine visitor. Her ability to resist temptation and seduction was non-existent. Knowing all too well of her vulnerability, The Devil climbed down the tree and moved closer to her....'

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