Wednesday, February 22, 2012

'Church of the Wicked' excerpt

The following excerpt is from a most controversial story. There have been many tales that took a skeptical look at the resurrection of Jesus. Taking a lead from several of them, I decided to make my own approach. The story is titled 'The Church of the Wicked'.

'It should be known to all that the legends regarding the charlatan savior, known as Jesus of Nazarene, have all been lies. Indeed he was betrayed, not only by his own people the Jews, but by his own disciples as well. In the hour of his greatest need, while he has impaled upon the Roman cross, he himself would also be guilty of betrayal. The God that he supposedly placed above and beyond all other things earthly and otherwise, the same God that he spent countless hours praising and casting judgement on others for, he would find himself doubting and, consequently, cursing. When his faith was needed most, his human qualities replaced any that were considered divine. With pain as his only reality, upon the cross, he turned his eyes towards the Heavens and screamed out "My God, why have you forsaken me?!" Immediately, God responded in kind. His soon to come death was forever denied. Like Cain before him, he was plagued with immortality and forced to remain upon the Earth for all eternity. A rightful sentence for any betrayer....'

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