Friday, October 22, 2010

Reading between the lies

I don't know if everyone has had the opportunity to deal with low end publishing companies that promise to get everyone published, a no questions asked sort of deal. Well, if you haven't you've probably saved yourself a lot of time and frustration. I know for most budding authors out there it seems very promising to have an avenue that will finally bring your work to fruition. But, as with everything, we must read between the lines. The first thing these companies will do is charge a nominal fee (and that is usually substantial by the way) then say they first have to 'proof read' your work and see if it is up to their standards. What there standards are, however, is not discussed with you and never will be so they can have a justification for the next part of this so called 'process'. The next part is, of course, to say that your work is not good enough for them to sell to major chain retailers and then to say that the only feasible option you have is to have your work 'reviewed' by their editing department. This also will cost you a nominal fee. The editing department will then subtly mangle your work (and any esteem or self-belief you have as a writer) until they have a finished product that is more to their liking. Usually by that time it does not even remotely resemble anything that you created in the first place. This leads us to the final step, basic rejection. Even if you are fortunate enough to have your work actually published (90% of those that apply usually do not) you shouldn't expect to see your work in any major bookstores and any and all promotion of your book will have to be handled by you. In short, you are back to where you started from except now you are at least 3 to four thousand dollars poorer (sometimes it is more). I, myself, have never relied on such companies as I consider totally worthless and anyone who does not want to go through the same 'process' I have before mentioned, should feel the exact same way!

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