Monday, January 20, 2014

Future Plans?

I must say that so far 2014 hasn't disappointed at all. But, in truth, all I have been able to do is continue to work on my second novel. I haven't had any time to think about articles or short stories. And that leads me to a valid inquiry: What my plans are when my novel is completed, and it will be completed. The truth is, I don't know at the moment because I tend to focus all of my energy on what I am doing at the present moment. But, it is a concern regardless. Do I try my hand at yet another novel, which would make three? Do I stick to writing short stories(right now I have completed 31 of them)? Do I focus all my energy on doing travel and haunting articles? Or do I take a completely different path with my writing altogether? I don't know. What really matters to me is that I continue writing, regardless of the outcome or endeavor. If I can do that, then the dream is still a reality. My reality.

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