Monday, November 11, 2013

Wine to the rescue!

As usual, I have been spending the majority of my time working on my second novel. Unlike the first, when I virtually had no writer's block in the process, This novel has carried with it it's own unique series of obstacles and interruptions. From family issues and the usual tribulations of life, I find myself spending more and more time adding to the development of the plot, not that such a thing is necessarily bad. The one saving grace for this particular series of issues is one that many writers would agree can be a lifesaver. Wine. It doesn't have the same detrimental effects that other forms of alcohol(beer, liquor) possess. And, no matter what's going on, when I drink wine and I'm close to paper, the words flow out of me like magic. I also find it fascinating how in tune with the story line everything is. New twists and turn I hadn't even previously thought about reveal themselves in ways that are just amazing. Because I have several other endeavors going on at the same time, I have pushed my deadline for the second novel a few months. And as far as I know, it could definitely take longer. But, for now, at least I know that it WILL be finished. Now I understand why Galileo once referred to wine as the 'Nectar of the Gods'.

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