Saturday, August 24, 2013

Forward from 'The Road to Nowhere'

'Sometimes it isn't the best and brightest among us who can inspire a story worthy of mention. Sometimes it is those who dwell in the subterfuges of society and are hardly noticed by the general population who can, from their own terrible experiences, beckon the imagination. That can especially be true with regards to Horror. This story was much different than my previous works not only in terms of length, but also of content. Never before was I evoked to craft a tale inspired by someone whom society had no knowledge at all. When one considers that, It's difficult to fathom how many untold stories from unsung lives there must be. As a story teller, I believe it is a trait of our craft to be able to take the most overlooked and mundane aspects of life and add certain twists, if you will, to cause new perspective. For each life, no matter how it is perceived, truly is a story....'

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