Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cambria and everything else in between

Recently I had the privilege to go to the small Californian city of Cambria. It was quaint, but I thought it was nice. Very picturesque and I loved both cemeteries that were there. While up there, I also visited the Hearst Castle. To those who haven't been there, Its a modern day castle in the city of San Simeon created by William Randolph Hearst, a successful newspaper publisher, and Julia Morgan, a world renown architect. I really do love spontaneous trips. I feel that you get so much appreciation out of life by taking them. This Halloween I'm supposed to go to the city of Salem, Massachusetts. Hopefully, that goes well. Speaking of Salem, I just viewed the movie 'The Lords of Salem' the other day by director Rob Zombie. While it has gotten less than favorable reviews, I thought it was very entertaining. I also had the experience of finishing my 30th short story 'The Loss of Heaven' the other day. Life has been positively eventful to say the least.

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