Monday, January 30, 2012

To thine own self, be true

Several times I have seen people act in a way that I considered superficial, possibly because they thought it would bring some sort of benefit to them. The status quo has never really mattered to me, so I consider any such action needless and ridiculous. You see, in the end you are who you are. It's the one thing you cannot hide. So, why even try? I believe the answer is fear. Most people tend to shield themselves within a facade of whatever is socially acceptable because they are afraid to face the torrent of judgement and abuse that comes from rejecting what is acceptable from the masses. When you go along with the abyss of social acceptance, you must always ask yourself "How much fake is enough"? Most people don't want to answer that question either. I must say that I do appreciate those who went outside of social norms, whether willingly or otherwise, to stay true to themselves.

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