Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Standard issues of problems

I'm getting my third book finished this week. I'm very proud to say the least but, it has not come without it share of difficulties. The binders that I'm using have had trouble formatting the text, editing, getting the cover correct and so on. Every time I publish a book, I notice that with the publication comes a laundry list of problems. Ones that i consider quite petty. With that in mind, I can completely understand why people in the creative industry, be they music, art, movies, literature and so on get so easily annoyed when they are trying to finish a piece of work they are proud of only to face setback after painstaking setback. What pulls me through such disappointments till I get the results I want is a concept in my mind I never forget. The fact that I am doing something that separates myself from the numerous masses of non-achievers. That at the end of the day, I'm doing, and accomplishing, what I want to do. Someone who has not done such a thing, nor even tried, could never know the elation it brings!

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